Brisca F1 Stock Car Racing Coventry 6-10-12 Final Johnson Harrison Wainman Sworder Lund Finnikin

Final from Coventry 6-10-12. After an earlier Heat win, 150 Mick Sworder is clearly a man on a mission, leaving his fellow Shoot-Out racers in hie wake.. However, Sworder hopes were brought to a sift end once passing Blue Grader 34 Mal Brown.. Drifting round the turn1-2 bend, Brown ploughs into he helpless Sworder taking him into the armaco, and ending the race for both.. 4 Dan Johnson was to be the beneficiary of Brown's do or die move, and takes the win, ending 55 Craig Finnikin's run of Final wins at the Brandon Bowl..

Enjoy :o)

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